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Serving All Your Aircraft Engine Needs

Complete care for all your aircraft engine needs is what you can expect from us, and at ST Aerospace Engines, reliability is top priority.

You can be assured of impeccable standards for all your aircraft engine maintenance requirements, helping you improve the performance of your aircraft and reducing your operation costs.

All-Encompassing Capabilities

ST Aerospace Engines specialises in the aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of a wide variety of commercial and military aero-engines and accessories.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art aircraft engine test facilities with:

  • three turbo jet test cells, capable of testing turbofan/jet engines of up to 90,000lbs thrust (10m x 10m) including engines with afterburner.
  • two turbo prop/shaft test cells with water dynosystems, capable of testing turboprop and turboshaft engines of up to 5,000 shaft horsepower (SHP).

One Stop, Integrated Solutions

Aircraft Engine and Accessories Overhaul

We provide one stop, integrated MRO services for a wide range of engine types including:

  • CFM56-3/-5B/-7B
  • Pratt & Whitney JT8D-STD/-200/F100
  • Rolls-Royce Allison 501/T56
  • General Electric J85/F404
  • Honeywell T53/T55
  • Turbomeca Makila

Our company also provides MRO support for fuel, air, oil and electrical accessories and aircraft components for the above engine types.

Our aircraft engine services cater to specific needs and include:

  • One stop MRO solutions
  • Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™)
  • Engineering support
    • Customised workscope
    • Engine health monitoring
    • Troubleshooting
    • Reliability analysis
  • 24/7 on-wing support
  • Spare engine support
  • Engine sale and lease back programmes
Inspection of T56 engine On-wing support for CFM line of engines
Inspection of T56 engine On-wing support for CFM line of engines

In-house Aircraft Engine Component Repair Capabilities

With extensive aircraft engine maintenance experience, we have developed a wide spectrum of reliable, in-house aircraft engine component repair services that add value to your operations.

These capabilities are carried out to a high level of quality and consistency, reducing your aircraft engine MRO costs.

Total Commitment to Quality

Our company maintains the highest standards of quality excellence. This is achieved through a quality assurance system in compliance with all major civil aviation authorities’ regulatory requirements.

Being an aircraft engine MRO service provider, ST Aerospace Engines has also been appointed by major OEMs as their authorised service centre.

These partnerships attest to the confidence engine OEMs have in ST Aerospace Engines to deliver the highest standards of care and quality for their products in our MRO processes.

Test cell rigging of CFM56-3 engine
Test cell rigging of CFM56-7B engine
Wide range of engine MRO capabilities
Wide range of engine MRO capabilities

Capabilities & Value Added Services

We provide one stop, integrated MRO services for a wide range of engine types and accessories, including:

  • CFM56-3/-5B/-7B
  • Pratt & Whitney JT8D
  • Rolls-Royce / Allison T56/501
  • Honeywell T53 & T55
  • Pratt & Whitney F100
  • General Electric J85 & F404
  • Turbomeca Makila

Our aero-engine solutions include:

  • Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™)
  • Customised Workshop
  • 24/7 Field Service Support
  • Engine Financing
  • Operational Lease 
  • Engine Sale & Lease Back Programmes
  • Comprehensive Engineering Technical Support

Our component repair processes include:

  • Electroplating
  • Heat Treatment
  • Manual & Automatic TIG & Plasma Arc Welding
  • CNC Adaptive Machining
  • Robotic Thermal Spray (including HVOF)
  • Surface Treatment & Coating Processes
  • High Speed Grinder
  • Vertical Turrent Lathe

We provide one stop, integrated MRO services for a wide range of engine types and accessories

Approval & Quality Endorsements

Country/Authority Reference
Brazil/ANAC 0608-04/ANAC
Canada/TCCA TA-M with CAAS
China/CAAC F.06500253
EU/EASA EASA 145.0138
Indonesia/DGAC 145/0600
Malaysia/DCA AO/0053/87
Singapore/CAAS AWI/34
Singapore/PSB Cert ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001
South Africa/CAA 930
Thailand/DOTC 14/2525


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